Support Activities - Defined.

The below text is extracted from Firenet, the official Intranet of the New Zealand Fire Service.

A fire brigade may utilise the services of Volunteer fire police, volunteer operational support and/or volunteer brigade non operational and administrative support, who are non operational personnel, to undertake duties and tasks necessary for the efficient operation of the brigade.

Incident Support
As directed by the Chief Fire Officer to be trained in related skills so as to be able to assist at incidents.
Traffic Management
To facilitate the flow of traffic in a safe, orderly and expeditious manner at incidents at which the fire service is in attendance.
External Scene Protection
To carry out incident scene protection and security duties, in a safe manner during and after an incident, until fire service involvement is completed, as requested by the Officer in Charge.
To carry out site evacuation in a safe, expeditious manner as requested by the Officer in Charge.
Victim Support
When requested by the Officer in Charge to be able to look after the welfare of victims at incidents until such time as outside Victim Support Agencies are in place and able to takeover the role.
First Aid
To provide first aid or medical support at incidents and to assisting primary first aid providers when requested to do so.
To carry out protective and recovery salvage during or after an incident so long as it is safe to do so without being exposed to heat or smoke and as long as the atmosphere requires no need for use of breathing apparatus or Structural Firefighting PPE.
As requested by the Officer in Charge to setup lighting during and/or after an incident so that other fire service functions can be carried out effectively and safely.
To provide assistance by providing drivers for vehicles, including towing trailers and operational equipment as requested by the Officer in Charge.
Resource Pooling
To recommission equipment used by operational fire-fighters at emergencies as requested by the Officer in Charge.
Control Unit Support
To provide assistance during an incident to the Incident Control Unit as requested by the Officer in Charge.
To provide and make available as requested suitable catering and hydration services for fire service personnel attending emergency incidents, as requested by the Officer in Charge.
Civil Defence Support
To provide assistance and support to fire service personnel in the event of a civil defence emergency as requested by the Officer in Charge.
Fire Investigation
To provide assistance during fire investigation as required by the Officer in Charge or the Fire Investigator.
To provide the brigade with Recruitment support as requested by the Chief Fire Officer and agreed by the brigade management committee.
Other Duties
Other duties as required by the Chief Fire Officer/Officer in Charge provided that they are within the provisions of Sections 33 & 34 of the Fire Service Act 1975 and any operational instructions issued pursuant to Section 27A of the Fire Service Act 1975, by the National Commander.